The Secret to Perfect Timing

Believe it or not being at the right place at the right time can be a learned attribute. Get ready to learn the secrets to perfect timing.

Accept Things That We Can’t Change

To get timing working for us the first thing we need to understand is that we have to learn to accept things that we cannot change like the Serenity Prayer says. We really need to understand that you may think it’s horrible that something in particular happened. If you could accept things and try to gain the perspective that they happen for a reason. That’s the way that you can start making your life better and start have timing work for you. As soon as you can accept this you can then move on.

Sometimes we think things are negative; it really wasn’t a negative experience when you look back on it. A great look and perspective on timing is Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. If you have an opportunity, listen to it on You Tube. It really makes you understand that sometimes you just have to let things happen instead of being resistant or judgmental.

Believe In Destiny

You need to believe that things are working out. Believe that they are working toward your greater good this trust will help you capitalize on those challenges. The better you deal with your challenges, the more prepared you are to handle other things that may come your way. When you start to understand that things occur in time and that every single moment something is happening for you it really makes a big difference.

Be Proactive

Be proactive about the challenges in your life. If something’s are not going well, you need to look at it and say why? Change your focus and understand that you are proactive to these areas in your life and allow timing to work for you.

Becoming proactive, setting goals, using a Journal really puts you ahead of 99.99% of the population. Not that this is a competition, but we are trying to live an amazing, dynamic life. Becoming proactive is one of the first steps in controlling our outcome by controlling the way that we live and letting things work for us. It’s putting the key in the car and driving, instead of letting someone else drive.